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People are often not sure whether to seek professional help for the suffering they feel. They hope that the problems will disappear spontaneously, or it seems to them too trivial a reason to ask help from a doctor, especially a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is most often seen as a person who provides treatment only by prescribing drugs, a person who treats sick people. It is true that psychiatrists prescribe medication if necessary, but the ones that have also psychotherapeutic education, primarily treat their patients through conversation. The help sought on time and from an adequately qualified professional (which means education that can be verified), is important in preventing the development of even more serious problems.
Difficulties for which people most often seek professional psychiatric help are:


that can range from mild vague fears like anxiousness, to fixed phobias (of open/closed spaces, heights, people, public appearances, illness, etc.) and severe anxiety.


which can be mild, such as apathy and not enjoying life, masked as physical symptoms (headache, lower back pain, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, dizziness, feeling faint, insomnia, hypochondria, etc.) and more intensive like lack of zest, difficulties in day-to-day functioning and black thoughts on the absurdity of life.


such as ulcerative colitis, various dermatoses with psychogenic factor in the etiology, hypertension, and cardiac arrhythmias caused by increased stress, allergies, and many autoimmune diseases.


(whether in private life or work environment) that can range from mild feelings of emptiness and loneliness to the feeling of disappointment, of being misunderstood or the feeling of complete lack of understanding.


whether these are developmental difficulties in adolescents who are in the process of growing up and psychologically separating from their parents, or the adults who perceive that they cannot come to terms with some aspects of their personality which causes them difficulties.


whether it be difficulties with potency, difficulties of sexual identity, the inability to enjoy in this sphere of life, or the inability to establish intimacy with another person.