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Psychiatric examination is a conversation between the client and therapist for a period of 45 minutes, during which the problems for which the client seeks professional help are defined. Besides getting acquainted with the problems of the client the therapist evaluates also the client's personality, that is, his defense mechanisms against stress, ways of communicating with others, the quality of relationships with important people in his life, the quality of daily functioning, etc, and they jointly choose the best therapy. It is often necessary to make more than one (usually three) introductory interviews to get a good insight into the client's problems and the basis on which they are formed, and also that both sides may decide whether they can work together (because every therapist does not necessarily suit every client, and vice versa).

Every first interview does not necessarily lead to some kind of therapy. Sometimes it's only a consultation and a client's need to learn more about some of their difficulties, problems felt by some person close to the client, or advice regarding some current difficulties.